EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBREW/WYOU) — This Sunday marks National Grandparents Day, a day to acknowledge the love and support grandparents provide. But a recent report indicates many of them who also serve as caregivers are falling short in a key category.

Many people may think of grandparents as giving their grandchildren whatever they want, but a report indicates they are struggling to provide something that’s needed in their household: Sufficient food.

Grandparents deserve to have their praises sung, especially the more than two and half million who serve as caregivers to their grandchildren.

“We want to continue and really celebrate and honor the incredible impact that grandparents have in raising children, in raising the next generation,” said Arethusa Kirk, MD, National Senior Medical Director at UnitedHealthcare Community & State.

According to a 2020 report by Feeding America, grandparents with a grandchild in their home are three times as likely to experience food insecurity compared to those who don’t have grandchildren living with them. Something’s got to give, which is why UnitedHealthcare community and state has partnered with sesame workshop to launch a new resource called Happy, Healthy, Hopeful: Stretching Our Food Dollars.

“This includes helpful tips for planning and making healthy, easy, budget-friendly meals for children to develop the healthy relationships with food,” said Kirk.

Sesame Workshop and UnitedHealthcare community & state have partnered for more than ten years to support grandparents and their families with educational resources, including this new one centered on mealtime.

“I know that some of my best memories with my grandparents revolve around food, revolve around cooking in the kitchen and the resource contains fun activities, ways that grandchildren can connect with their grandchildren on making healthy food choices and ways that families can find and access nutritious meals for the whole family on a budget,” said Andrea Cody, Senior Project Manager at Sesame Workshop.

Their bottom line message? There is help available for grandparent caregivers on Grandparents Day and every day.

Many grandparent caregivers may not be sure where to turn for help, but several options are actually available. Head to this list of grandparent assistance programs, grandparentsday.com, or Sesame Workshop’s website to check them out and take some of the pressure off serving as a caregiver to grandchildren.