EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — A shortage of baby formula nationwide has turned into a full-blown crisis. Parents frantically searching for formula, also want answers. Now President Biden and Congress are getting involved.

California mom Darice Browning told NBC News about feeling unable to feed her children, thanks to a growing infant formula shortage.

“I’m on the floor looking at them telling them I’m so sorry. I can’t provide for you,” Browning said.

Darice, among millions of parents frantically searching for baby formula.

“We’re down to our last few tubs here and it’s just been challenging,” said Samantha Martinez.

Months of covid-related supply chain problems, intensified by a recall and plant shutdown at Abbott Nutrition, is causing a 43 percent out of stock rate nationwide.

“Last week I went to two Targets, couldn’t find it. Then I went to Walgreens, also couldn’t find it,” said mom Dara Beevas.

As parents scramble, President Biden is under pressure to fix it.

“President Biden is working with the utmost urgency. He knows how incredibly stressful this is for families across the country,” said White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield.

The White House, announcing the U.S. will ramp up imports, cut down on red tape and price gouging,
and with about half of infant formula nationwide bought by participants in the federal WIC program, make it easier for those parents to get formula. But so far, not heeding calls to invoke the Defense Production Act, which allows the government to order production of certain goods. The emergency, prompting hearings in Congress.

“It’s an issue of how fast can the federal government move on this. And my hope and expectation is quickly,” said Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia.

But with hearings nearly two weeks away. Darice and moms across the country are making due.

The Department of Health and Human Services has a new website to help parents with baby formula issues.