KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Welcoming a new baby into the world is often referred to as the miracle of birth, but this time of joy for a new mom is sometimes accompanied by a bout with depression.

The prolonged period of mood swings, anxiety, and crying is called postpartum depression.

The experience could be long-lasting unless intervention occurs.

A partnership involving a local pediatrics practice has come up with something new to help new moms.

Comforting her two-and-a-half-month-old son, Hudson, first-time mom Abrianna Tolomello is experiencing the highs and lows of being a new mother.

“Stress, exhaustion, happiness,” said Abrianna Tolomello.

The feelings can be overwhelming for up to 20 percent of new moms dealing with postpartum depression.

“And I felt really, really scared to open up,” said Jessica Gaulton, MD, MPH Neonatologist, the CEO and Founder of Mommi.

Philadelphia-based Neonatologist Jessica Gaulton experienced postpartum depression after both of her children were born. It inspired her to develop a peer-led, text-based platform called “Mommi” which launched this year.

“Basically anything you would want as a new mom you can book here,” said Dr. Gaulton.

Mommi offers both medical and wellness support from trained coaches and medical professionals.

“We want them to come to us and ask us because our coaches are moms themselves. They’ll provide emotional, positive reinforcement and that’s very much lacking in the healthcare system,” Dr. Gaulton explained.

“Being a NICU mom has been a different experience,” Bridget McKinney, MBE Mom and Coach at Mommi.

But it’s given Mommi Coach Bridget McKinney a valuable perspective to help new mothers.

“When you find your village of people, it makes it doable and it makes you know that you can get through anything because you have a support system,” said McKinney.

PAK Pediatrics has partnered with Mommi to make the text-support program available in clinics like PAK.

“Mother’s health and their mental health is critical that they can care for that baby and nurture their baby and give their baby the best health that they can,” said Jeffery Kile, MD Pediatrician at PAK Pediatrics.

It’s why this new mom from Hanover Township just signed up for Mommi.

“It takes a lot of stress off you to know that you’re not going to have to call the pediatrician 700 times a day because you’re stressed out or anything like that. It just… it’s great. I’m excited for it,” Abrianna Tolomello told Eyewitness News.

The Mommi staff is text-available daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The service is available for a free, 7-day trial period.