EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — The pandemic has worsened a problem that already existed. Millions of Americans are not getting enough physical activity.

“We’re sitting a lot for work. We’re not getting out into our communities and getting active,” explained Carrie Pagliano.

It’s why physical therapist Carrie Pagliano is lending her voice to a campaign called #ChoosePT. Why choose a physical therapist to get physically active?

“As movement experts, we’re qualified to help people get and to stay moving,” Pagliano told Eyewitness News.

Pagliano says many may suffer a physical setback going it alone. Choosing a physical therapist can help prevent that.

“So, we can take a look at your past medical history. Your current activity levels and help you figure out a good, safe place to start where you don’t set yourself up for risking injury,” Pagliano explained.

Those injuries can range from strains and sprains, to fractured bones and torn tendons and ligaments. Physical therapists can help avoid all that by figuring out your activity baseline.

“And so it’s great with an initial physical exam to see what your current abilities are, where you might have some deficits that we can focus on, and where you might be setting yourself up for risk of injury,” she told Eyewitness News.

Pagliano says people who put off physical activity because of aches and pains are missing out on what could be the remedy.

“In areas of low back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, movement is the treatment of choice that will result in an improved pain management,” Pagliano said.

Besides reaping your own physical benefits, it sets a good example for your children. Pagliano says it has for her family.

“So the more active I can be and show them that this is normal and this is what they should be doing, it really sets them up for a future of good health and some disease prevention,” she said.

Keep in mind, you do need a physician’s referral to see a physical therapist.

Head to #ChoosePT’s website to learn more about finding a physical therapist near you.