EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — When you think about cancers that strike women, breast, ovarian or cervical cancer may come to mind. But there’s another type of cancer that affects women which doesn’t get quite the same attention.

That cancer is uterine cancer. An actress who had a health scare with that disease is now raising awareness through a global campaign.

Meagan Good vividly recalls about a decade ago when a routine gynecologic exam revealed a serious concern.

“It was terrifying for me to hear that I have abnormal cells in my uterus that could potentially be cancerous,” said Meagan Good, Actor, Director, Activist, Spot Her Campaign.

Those abnormal cells left to grow and multiply without intervention can lead to uterine cancer, the fourth most common cancer among American women. Around 90 percent of the time, uterine cancer is specifically endometrial cancer. With a history of cancer in good’s family, her concern was even greater.

“Thank god the doctor did the biopsy and we determined, you know, that everything was going to be okay,” Good stated.

Those abnormal cells were removed and now Good is lending her advocacy to a campaign called ‘Spot Her.’

Naming the campaign ‘Spot Her’ draws attention to one of the most common symptoms of uterine cancer: abnormal vaginal bleeding.

“And the lining of the uterus is what’s responsible for regular monthly menstrual bleeding during the reproductive years,” explained Dr. Ginger Gardner, MD, Gynecologic Cancer Surgeon, Spot Her Spokesperson.

Besides spotting, uterine cancer symptoms could also include pelvic pain and what feels like a mass. Or there could be no symptoms at all. As for causes,

“Some of those are genetic. Some of those are hormonal. Some of those are environmental,” stated Dr. Gardner.

Obesity could also be a contributing factor. There is also an increased rate of endometrial cancer among black women which is why the disease doubly hits close to home for good.

“To me, the treatment is showing up and being regular with your appointments and asking important questions and that’s really what this campaign is about, you know, the Spot Her campaign is really about,” Good explained.

A virtual walk underway the rest of spring aims to further raise awareness about uterine or endometrial cancer which often goes under-recognized.

Head to the ‘Spot Her’ website to learn more about the campaign, and to participate in the virtual walk.