(WTNH)– Predicting the weather is not easy and that makes deciding whether to postpone or not postpone a baseball game a little tricky.

Mets ran into some trouble with that on Sunday against the Marlins. They decided to start a game only to have it called just 9 pitches later. Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman was not happy with the decision to play and was not shy about it on social media. Manager Luis Rojas said the team found itself in a very difficult spot and understands Stroman’s frustration.

Stroman is one of the reasons the Mets franchise on the uptrend. He’s a great compliment to their ace Jacob DeGrom and the young hitting talent the Mets have.

Meanwhile across town in the Bronx the excitement level isn’t as high– a little over a dozen games into the year. News 8’s Rich Coppola and the Hartford Courant’s Dom Amore address that in this week’s Press Pass in the video above.