(WBRE/WYOU-TV) The Eyewitness News Team will present a half-hour show honoring Hispanic and Latino heritage in our area. 

The program will feature Mark Hiller with a story about how Latino and Hispanic heritage is deeply woven in the Catholic Church.

Andy Mehalshick introduces us to Amilcar Arroyo whose journey to NEPA lead him to start a newspaper to open the lines of communications in the community.  

Andy also features the Hazleton Integration Project.  The idea of baseball manager and Hazleton native Joe Maddon to help unite the community

Rachael Espaillat shares the story of two medical students of Columbian and Peruvian descent who are grateful for the opportunity to pursue their dreams.  

Plus, Kristina Shalhoup heads to Monroe County to join the conversation and goes on the air with the local Podcast Host Christina Luna.