(WBRE/WYOU-TV) A lively conversation and interesting topics that’s what listeners find each week when they tune into ‘Mano A Mano’, And ‘Cafe with Christina’ Each Week!  Through her Livestream and podcast — Christina Luna says her hope is to unite cultures and embrace our differences. Eyewitness News Reporter Kristina Shalhoup Goes On The Air With Christina Luna.

Bienvenidos al Mundo De Christina Luna!  Welcome to the world of Christina Luna

The bi-lingual, local host has made a splash in the Monroe County Community.

But, for her, the road to success wasn’t always so steady.

  “I wonder, how did I end up here! I’m from Spain– Barcelona– and I never thought I would end up in the beautiful woods, in these beautiful woods of the Poconos in Pennsylvania”  Christina told us.

As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. The reason for Christina’s move to the states…. was love.

 “I met my husband in France. We got married, he is American. Then, we moved to Manhattan, and a few years later, we moved here!”

But finding the connection between her Spanish roots, and the American dream, wasn’t as easy as the connection she found with her new husband.

  “It was so hard that I refused to do anything for two  years! I refused to drive, I refused to know where I was, I refused to know my neighbors.”

She tried to shut the world out during that time… but it wasn’t long before the world came knocking.

“I had a big health issue, and I realized that I was the only one who could get through it. And the only thing I could do was embrace where I was, and make the most of it. “

Christina got back behind the wheel, literally, and figuratively.

Aside from starting to drive again, she enrolled at East Stroudsburg University in pursuit of a communications and journalism degree.

It wasn’t long before she realized, that was exactly where she was supposed to be.

  “Como empesaste en la radio, aqui en Pennsylvania?   How did you get started in radio here in Pennsylvania

….. En la Universidad…..in the university… I had la opportunidad, the opportunity, a empezar en la radio!”  to start in radio

  “I realized there were many beautiful people who didn’t have a voice…. and I realized too that my mission in life is to tell people’s stories.”

That’s exactly what she did.

First, through local radio stations and now, through her podcast, and live stream.

  “dime un poquito de tu programma    tell me a little about your program)

en espanol, o en ingles?

los dos!!”

En su programma, the goal is to be “real” with listeners.. and to stick to the message of the, very appropriate title: “Mano A Mano”, or “Hand To Hand”

  “I don’t believe in separation, like you’re Hispanic, you’re this, you’re that. We’re all the same!”

For this Spaniard living in a new country, surrounded by a new community, a sense of community is the greatest gift she can offer.

Specifically, a community where anyone, and everyone is welcome.

    “we are not going anywhere, right? so, i think it’s good so we understand each other’s culture, so we can be tolerant, and we can enjoy each other’s differences”

An idea that, Christina hopes, is amplified by the all-inclusive aspect of working with a live-streamed show.

An opportunity for Christina, her guests, and her listeners to learn, contribute, and maybe even spark more than just a conversation.

  “Una palabra que describe Christina Luna..  One word that describes Christina Luna

Sola una? O dos? Just one? Or two?)

Sola una!  Just one

Tu amiga. I’m your friend. Tu amiga.”

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