CARBONDALE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — There’s nothing more rewarding for Genesis Vega than creating a dream cake for a birthday party or family event.

So she took that love of baking and opened up Carbondale’s only Hispanic bakery and restaurant where she incorporates her roots in all she makes.

This Puerto Rican-born Baker and chef is known for bringing her culture to NEPA, one bite at a time.

“I am really really proud to be a Puerto Rican. I will be Puerto Rican anywhere, so I never will change my roots or my heritage,” said Genesis Vega, owner of 3 Tiers Bakery in Carbondale.

Can you imagine moving to a new area and opening a business with no prior experience?

“My name is Genesis Vega and we are in 3 Tiers Bakery in Carbondale.”

Now in its first full year of operations, Genesis beams with pride.

“I was a little scared when I opened the store for the first two months because everybody asked me why Carbondale and I would say ‘Why not?’ Because this is a beautiful place to start a business. Everybody who lives here they are so nice, friendly and also they love my food,” said Vega.

A trained culinary chef and former college professor, Vega combines her love of cooking and baking at 3 Tiers.

“We sell food and we sell breakfast all day. We have Hispanic food and lunch,” Vega stated.

But in addition to a meal, you can also feast on delectable desserts.

This is my kitchen, so here we make everything. Dessert and food. We have some fun every day.

First up to make? Besitos de Coco or Coconut Macaroons.

“It is like a Puerto Rican cookies. Yeah, you can find these in every place in Puerto Rico. If you go to a party, this is like a traditional dessert that Puerto Rican people love to eat. This, I remember I ate this a lot when I was a child with my family,” said Vega.

“Do the people of Carbondale also enjoy them,” 28/22 news asked.

“Yes, I have a lot of customers that request this. When we do not have it available, we just make the custom order,” Vega responded.

After the warm-up with the macaroons, Chris Bohinski tried his hand at the most popular dessert in Puerto Rican households “Quesitos.”

“So here are the Quesitos. The Quesitos are puffed pastry and they are filled with cream cheese, and this is a traditional Puerto Rican pastry. So what we have to do is just add a lot of honey glaze because I like the Quesitos with a lot of honey glaze,” Vega added.

But what about folks who are a bit intimidated by trying something new?

“It’s nice to see Carbondale blooming, and having new businesses no matter what they are. Our town was always a beautiful little town and it’s a great place to raise your children. And now to have a little bit of a different culture here is an excellent little touch for us,” said Angel Masco, a retired teacher in Carbondale.

“This coffee is the best coffee I’ve ever had. We came here one day for coffee and I just fell in love with it. My friends were not even on their first cup and I was already on my second it was delicious. I’ve never had anything Puerto Rican before. And this is the first time we have a Puerto Rican restaurant in our city. So I thought well, let’s try something different and we come here quite often. We love this little place,” Masco continued.

“I’m really proud to say I’m a Puerto Rican and I just come from like a low-income family and I’m here because I work hard. And if you have a dream, no matter if you are by yourself or you have support from your family, you can do it,” Vega explained.

3 Tiers Bakery has become so popular they recently opened an auxiliary location inside the Viewmont Mall in Dickson City.