EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Efforts are underway to revitalize downtown Hazleton. Over the years it’s become a melting pot where many different cultures and businesses are celebrated.

Business is thriving in downtown Hazleton on North Wyoming Street called the “Wyoming Corridor.”

The downtown Hazleton Alliance for Progress organization says it’s growing at a rapid pace.

“Latinos and the Hispanic community are the new faces of the city of Hazleton. We have a lot of newcomers and people coming here, it has become really relevant, and you know as a hispanic person I really feel proud about that and especially all of the work that downtown has been doing to improve,” said Robert Collado the Main Street Coordinator for Hazleton Alliance For Progress.

Many business owners here are applying for grants to spruce up their storefronts and attract new customers.

“It’s really nice being able to see all of those buildings being renovated, and as I said before it’s really something exciting to be able to see how all of these new people coming here are making this community bigger and stronger,” added Collado.

One of those businesses is “Afro Latina Hair Extensions.”

Owner Yasmeiry Navarro, who is of Dominican descent, is passionate about helping women feel confident.

With translating help from Yosara Gonzalez, she spoke to 28/22 News about what it means to be a business owner in Hazleton.

“It feels great because I’m contributing to the community for it to thrive and bring business not only to the Latino community but everybody in the community,” says Navarro.

Downtown Hazleton Alliance For Progress is dedicated to helping the community succeed.

“It’s open to the community, everybody who wants to come explore something different with a lot of flavors from the Dominicans here that are the majority in the community, Hispanics from all over: Mexicans, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, it’s really lively and a fun place to be,” explained Gonzalez.

The Downtown Hazleton Alliance For Progress hosts a number of events throughout the year to get people involved in the community.