Hispanic Heritage: ESU welcoming all to campus

Hispanic Heritage Month

(WBRE/WYOU-TV) EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY -A local university is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone on campus. 

WBRE 28 WYOU 22 Eyewitness News Reporter Madonna Mantione explains. 

The multicultural house at East Stroudsburg University serves as a communal space for students to come together and celebrate diversity. 

It’s home to the center for multicultural affairs and inclusive education, where students of all cultural backgrounds can find support and enrichment. 

Lyesha Fleming, is the Director, Center for Multicultural Affairs & Inclusive Education, she told us

“The center really offers a lot of resources, not only to our students of color but to our students in general so they can be culturally responsible, culturally aware, and ready for them once they get into the real world as professionals.”

Special programming is available to all East Stroudsburg warriors that nurture diversity education and cultural awareness. 

 “We do a lot of educational pieces on campus to ensure that we’re teaching about diversity, equity and inclusion,” Added Flemming

Fleming says it’s a year-long effort. 

“We like to have a 365-model. So, we’re not just celebrating culture and diversity one specific month of the year. But currently, we are celebrating Latinx heritage month, which is also celebrated as Hispanic heritage month, where ESU has worked with a lot of our Latinx organizations as well as leaders to get the flags on the main street that have been seen by many.” 

David Martinez Saenz transferred to East Stroudsburg University this year. 

He says the diversity of the student body here is a special asset. 

“Everyone just has something completely different to offer to the campus and I’m just glad that as a Hispanic student, you know, I’m able to represent some of that.” 

It’s all about empowering students to build a platform for lifelong learning in a global society. 

“It ends up becoming a byproduct of our academic excellence, our music excellence, our cultural excellence, food whatever the case may be. You put all of it together and you just get something great at the end of the day,” adds David Martinez Saenz

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