PLAINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Growing up in a mixed-race household, Pete Hooker experienced a lot of cultures from a very young age.

As he matured, he took those life lessons and turned it into a brand. For him, Integrity Heart Soul is a way to provide a future and create a business with a positive message for his children.

“The colors represent knowing when to go, knowing when to slow down, and knowing when to stop,” stated Hooker, founder of Integrity Heart Soul.

Integrity Heart Soul is a direct representation of Pete Hooker of Plains. A line of inspirational clothing he designed to share his message.

“Where I get to kind of express myself and things I go through and push a lot of positivity and show love to my community,” explained Pete.

Pete says it is a simple formula for staying authentic to yourself, while also expressing to others the best of you.

“You know that feeling that you have inside you to do good? Don’t question that. Just act on that,” Pete recommended.

“I would always take my son and a couple of my boys, we go down and clean parks. Mayflower Park is near and dear to my heart. That’s where I grew up at,” described Pete.

He notes it is how you apply them that matters.

“My daddy has integrity. My daddy has heart,” stated Micah Hooker, Pete’s 5-year-old son.

“Make sure you’re being honest with yourself before you’re trying to be honest with other people,” advised Pete.

“The heart is the tank. That’s the gas tank. You know what I mean? That’s what the fuel goes in. So I believe that everything that you feel deep in your heart, just act on that and everything will be alright. Soul is all that personal stuff that fills the tank. That’s the gas, the heart is the tank but the soul is all that stuff that fills you up every day and allows you to keep going in and act on that honesty and do all those good things.” said Pete.

When asked if his father has soul, Micah responded “Daddy doesn’t have soul,” but also clarified that he doesn’t know what soul is. Later, he amended his answer, saying “My daddy has soul.”

“When you love what you do, I think it just comes naturally,” said Mahogany Hooker, Pete’s wife.

And growing up as a young Black man in a mixed family, Pete is even more eager to share his positive message with other little Black boys and girls.

“Now this would be specifically to Black kids. Don’t let how comfortable you make other people dictate or diminish, like the beautiful blackness that you are,” said Pete.

Those words are exactly what describes him. Integrity, heart, and, soul, who he is as a person,” said Mahogany.

Pete hopes to include more community outreach events with his brand including a youth mentoring program.

For more information, visit Integrity Heart Soul’s website.