JENKINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) It’s week two of the Eyewitness News campaign Feeding NEPA which aims to get food onto the tables of a growing number of families in need.

Thursday, we checked in with one of three local food banks benefiting from the campaign.

The bin of fresh produce you see at Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank is compliments of LDF Farm in Sugarloaf Township. 500 pounds of zuchhini and cabbage were donated by farmer Matt Bayzick.

“Well, it’s always nice to know that you have someone coming in on a regular basis with fresh produce and the produce varies from week to week as the growing season goes on,” said Rich Kutz, Food Bank Director, Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank.

Not everyone has the ability to grow and donate food. That’s where monetary donations come in.

“Probably the biggest thing is monetary donations to help us cover the cost of food because, you know, we have food coming in on a regular basis that we’re going out and purchasing to be able to fill those boxes that are going out to the families in need,” said Kutz.

But there’s another need that could give a boost to Feeding NEPA: volunteers. 79-year-old Joe Hardisky packed nearly 700 pounds of food inside a mini-van to deliver to Back Mountain Food Pantry where he donates his time to help families in need during the pandemic.

“They’re so grateful for receiving their food,” said Hardisky.

The food wouldn’t get there if it wasn’t first boxed by volunteers. Dale McCloe has been employed at this food bank for more than a year but before that he volunteered here for two years.

“It’s so important. It gives you such a gratification of, like, helping somebody and it’s not costing me anything but time and that’s… that’s important. I think it’s important,” said McCloe.

“Well, I think it’s a very rewarding thing and if you have the time, please join the group because it’s sorely needed,” said Hardisky.

Click Here for more information on how to volunteer.

If you’d like to donate to one of the local food banks, visit the “Feeding NEPA” donation page by Clicking Here.