HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As primary election coverage continues Eyewitness News is also focusing on the race for Mayor of Hazleton.

The incumbent Republican Jeff Cusat is seeking another term and running unopposed but, on the Democratic side, the race is between Vianney Castro and Robert Yevak.

Taking a look at the top votes so far, it’s a close race but Robert Yevak currently leads.

Eyewitness News is reporting from Mayor Jeff Cusat’s watch party at the Pines in Hazleton.

The Primary Race for Hazleton Mayor is still on and votes are still coming in, but upon speaking to Mayor Cusat’s team and hearing their calculations, the current Republican Mayor may be facing Democratic candidate Vianney Castro come November.

Now nothing is official and it is still anyone’s race.

The votes for the Primary Race for Hazleton Mayor are still being counted, but it is starting to look like it could be Republican candidate and current Mayor Jeff Cusat and Democratic candidate Bob Yevak’s names on the ballot come November.

During Tuesday’s race, Mayor cusat ran unopposed, but there were two Democratic candidates – Bob Yevak and Vianney Castro.

Mayor Cusat, although a Republican, also had his eyes on the Democratic nomination, hoping to win both sides Tuesday as a write-in.

Whichever Democratic candidate comes out on top will face Mayor Cusat in the general election come November.

Earlier Tuesday, Eyewitness News was able to speak with Mayor Cusat and Bob Yevak and they shared their goals for Hazleton.

“We’re financially sound, our recreation department is second to none, our streets are getting repaired, our police department’s doing a wonderful job. We just want to continue the progress,” said Mayor Cusat.

“My place is, I’m here all my life. I made a lot of money in this city. This city was good to me. It’s my turn to give back to this city and I will give it one thousand percent to make it the best place to live,” Yevak added.

Now as previously mentioned, nothing is finalized and this is still anyone’s race.

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