HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — From your local election headquarters, it’s election eve, the polls open in about 15 hours, and a rally was held in Hazleton on Monday for the Republican Candidate for Senate, Mehmet Oz, as well as Jim Bognet, who is seeking the Congressional Seat in the 8th District.

It’s the home stretch for candidates trying to get voter support in what some are calling the most important mid-term in history.

Eyewitness News was live inside the Pines Restaurant on West Broad Street and both races are considered toss-ups right now. Oz is taking on Democrat John Fetterman for the Pennsylvania Senate seat and Bognet is trying to unseat Democrat Matt Cartwright.

“Who here is ready to fire Nancy Pelosi? Hazleton, Pennsylvania is out in force. We want change. We’re sick and tired of Nancy Pelosi. Sick and tired of John Fetterman and we are sick and tired of Matt Cartwright, are you with me,” expressed James Bognet (r) candidate 8th district.

This is their second joint rally in the last four days as they rallied the troops last Thursday in Lackawanna County.

Oz says that Fetterman is too extreme for Pennsylvania. Bognet is telling voters that Cartwright is tied too closely to President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“How many of you think Washington is getting it wrong? So, I think they’re getting it wrong because of radical policies, and part of what I want to bring to Washington is balance,” added Mehmet Oz, (r) Candidate PA Senate.

Earlier Monday Eyewitness News spoke with Democrat Matt Cartwright.

“The starkest choice is out there. I mean you have somebody who spouts all kinds of slander and doesn’t have a plan. That’s the other guy. I’m on the side who has a plan. You know we are in inflation. It hurts. Who are the people who are bringing down prices for senior medications,” stated Matt Cartwright – (d) candidate 8th district.

Recent polls show both races are neck and neck.