KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Luzerne County District Attorney announced that there was no voter fraud found in the Kingston polling incident that occurred last Tuesday.

According to D.A. Sam Sanguedolce, on November 8 the offices received a complaint of potential voter fraud in Kingston Borough.

The voter told investigators that she arrived at the voting polls at the Kingston Recreation Center to cast her vote when she was informed by an election worker that she had already voted.

Police said the voter was shown the polling book where her name was listed with her address and date of birth and she noticed the signature above her name was not hers.

Through further investigation, the D.A. said it was found that another female voter with an identical last name and the similar first name did not have a signature associated with her name on the polling book.

The woman confirmed that it was her signature next to the name of the voter who claimed she did not sign the voting poll book.

D.A. office also notes that the woman said she was not asked to provide any identification at any point, she was just instructed to sign.

A strange set of coincidences. The voter who already voted reported to the rec center that has multiple voting wards, she was sent to the wrong place, and in that ward there a was person with a similar first and identical last name.

Luckily the correct voter was able to vote with a provisional ballot and her vote did count that night.”

Sam Sanguedolce, Luzerne County District Attorney

As a result of these findings, investigators say they have closed the case and report that no voter fraud was committed.