WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— A group of concerned constituents presented their survey findings to the Lycoming County Board of Elections about the 2020 election results in June.

They’re asking to change the voting process, but after further investigation, the Director of Elections uncovered some inconsistencies in the group’s findings.

Dozens of residents gathered with the Board of Elections in June claiming the county’s voting record wasn’t accurate. The Director of Elections told Eyewitness News they investigated all 49 allegations and found that wasn’t the case.

“It all came down to what did ‘audit the vote PA’s records say versus what did the person say who answered the door?” said Forrest Lehman, the Director of Elections at the Lycoming County Voter Services.

A group of residents presented their canvassing and survey efforts about the 2020 election to the Lycoming County Board of Election. On Wednesday, Lycoming County’s Director of Elections Forrest Lehman came to another public meeting to discuss the department’s findings.

“We have signed voter registration applications that prove who’s registered at the address. We have signed poll book pages that show who voted in person, and we have signed mail ballot applications and ballot return envelopes to prove who voted by mail,” said Lehman.

After researching all 49 affidavits from the residents, Lehman said many of these affidavits contradicted the county’s records.

“Recollections of the people who answered the door were not accurate and I don’t blame them for that because the people who are being spoken to or being surveyed, they’re being asked questions about an election from 2 years ago,” explained Lehman.

There are 70,000 registered voters in Lycoming County and 60,000 participated in the election. The election code provides for recounts in certain situations, but Lehman said that’s typically immediately afterwards.

“We recounted the entire election of November 21′ and also the primary just now in may of 22′ because the margins for candidates was very close. And those full recounts absolutely proved that our voting equipment produces consistent results,” Lehman said.

The county’s Board of Elections has not officially decided whether or not there will be an audit for the 2020 election yet; that decision won’t be made until there’s another meeting with the public.