LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — From Your Election Headquarters, it’s Election Eve in Pennsylvania, polls open at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday in what is commonly known as a municipal election.

A wide variety of seats are on ballots across the commonwealth, including school board seats, borough, city council, and mayoral offices to name a few.

Once again, luzerne county is getting a lot of attention because of issues with the running of recent elections.

The Luzerne County Penn Place Office Building is where the County Election Bureau is located and where the votes will be counted Tuesday night.

One year ago, a paper shortage led extended voting and lots of questions in Luzerne County, but county election officials tell 28/22 News that is in the past and they are moving forward.

Dozens of Luzerne County Election Workers are sworn in Monday. They will be involved in various aspects of the election process.

As they were being sworn in, voters were dropping their mail-in ballots into a drop box in the lobby of Penn Place. Other voters will head to the polls Tuesday for in-person voting.

County officials say they understand they are still working to regain the trust of voters.

“Well, we obviously worked very hard to make sure that tomorrow goes smoothly. We’ve also worked very hard to make sure that if there are issues that come up, that we have plans in place to address them immediately,” said Luzerne County Manager Romilda Crocamo

Crocamo says those plans include notifying the public if any issues arise.

“I can tell you if there are problems I will immediately notify the press so that voters know what the other plans are,” Crocamo explained.

Eryn Harvey is the director of the election bureau and she says some voters will see a change when they sign in to vote at their polling place.

“We decided to do a pilot program for new election poll books..we have about 30 precincts of the 186 that will have them this election and the rest of the voters will check in on paper. Hopefully, it goes well,” Harvey explained.

Paul Brannigan, a Luzerne County Election Worker, says he has been watching the recent problems in Luzerne County and wants to be part of the solution.

“You know, you get to a certain point, and every vote matters. I just wanted to be part of the process,” said Brannigan.

So do voters have confidence in the process here in luzerne county?

“Some of the things are just administrative misjudgements. I think that paper issue in last election, something like that just stuff you can’t forsee happening,” said Shickshinny resident Chris Yatsko.

“Are you hopeful tomorrow goes off pretty smoothly?” 28/22 News I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick asked.

“I’m confident it will really. Everybody makes mistakes,” said Bobbie Roberts of Wilkes-Barre.

28/22 News will have more information voters need to know for Tuesday.