WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s been nearly two weeks since the November 8 Election and the final results in Luzerne County are still in limbo.

This is because the Luzerne County Election Board was unable to certify those results at their meeting on Monday. But there are late-breaking developments in this story.

Within the last hour or so, Luzerne County Election Board Member, Dan Schramm, told Eyewitness News he will vote to certify the election results, as he had “abstained” from voting at the meeting Monday morning.

There’s no doubt many people around the county, if not across the region, especially voters are asking, “Now what’s happening in Luzerne County, when it comes to running elections?

“Roll Call Vote: Mr. Mangan-No; Mr. Schramm-Abstain; Mrs. Serniak-Yes; Miss Fusaro-No; Roll Call: two, yes; two no; one abstain vote,” said Denise Williams, Chair of the Luzerne County Election Board.

Eyewitness News spoke with election board member Dan Schramm earlier Monday afternoon.

“There were some issues that were raised that I actually would like to have more information on before I would look to say yes, everything is ok. So until I get answers to some of those questions I would kind of like to know how many people were turned away,” said Dan Schramm (d) Luzerne County Election Board.

Board member, Alyssa Fusaro tells Eyewitness News that the Luzerne County Election Board will meet in a special meeting at 1:00 p.m., on Wednesday to certify the election results.

Schramm says his concerns and questions have been addressed and he will vote to certify the election.

A spokesperson for the Department of State emailed Eyewitness News saying the department will reach out to Luzerne County officials about the board’s decision and their next steps.

Again all of this comes as the Luzerne County District Attorney is investigating what led to the paper shortage on Election Day.