WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A key test of a machine used in voting tabulation, it’s all in preparation for the November 8 midterm elections.

New technology is being put to work at the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections. Workers say it enables them to process mail ballots faster than ever before.

Members of the bureau of elections held a demonstration Friday showing Eyewitness News how the more than $300,000 machine works. Cash from a county-issued election integrity grant was used to pay for it.

The machine has the ability to scan, separate ballots by precinct, and detect ballot deficiencies which election officials will then examine.

About 750 ballots were processed in a three-minute period, and workers believe the speedy system is a much more efficient alternative than doing it all by hand.

“This machine has already got us ahead of the game so on election day we’ll be further ahead because we’re still going to be receiving ballots at the drop boxes and there’s going to be mail drop off as well,” said Jennifer Pecora, the division head of administrative services.

Once the process is complete, the ballots are locked away in a secure location until they are counted on election day.

To date, the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections has received around 20,000 mail ballots.