WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY It’s official, the results of the November election are now certified in Luzerne County.

The Luzerne County Election Board voted Wednesday to certify the results. They failed to do so on Monday when one board member abstained from the vote.

Wednesday, voters gave the board an earful before they voted to certify the results.

Dozens of voters turned out to voice their opinions about the election. Many said it was unfair and flawed, namely because of a paper shortage at polling places.

“Roll call vote: Mr. Schramm – yes, Miss Serniak-yes, Miss Fusaro – no, Mr. Mangan – no, Miss Williams – yes, motion passes three yes, two no. The November 8 General Election is certified,” said Denise Williams (d) Chair of the Luzerne County Election Board.

It took two tries but wednesday the Luzerne County Election Board voted to certify the election results.

On Monday, Board Member Daniel Schramm abstained saying he wanted to investigate voter concerns expressed at the meeting.

He says he’s confident the vote was fair. Despite questions surrounding a paper shortage and other issues at polling places.

“There was a lot of hearsay evidence that I heard people say. Lots of people were disenfranchised. This person turned away this person didn’t come back. There were no substantial numbers given of how many people left and didn’t come back,” stated Daniel Schramm (d) Luzerne County Election Board.

But fellow board member Alyssa Fusaro voted no saying there were just too many issues with the running of the election.

“Just the fact that we ran out of paper. We had jamming machines. We had open investigations into why they ran out of paper. We got polling places photocopying ballots. We’ve got a complete lack of privacy for voters,” explained Alyssa Fusaro, Luzerne County Election Board member.

The majority of the people who spoke out before the board voted called for a ‘no vote’ to certify the election results.

“We’re here in 2022 and we have this kind of problem with our election system. To run out of paper. It’s like baking a cake without flour,” said Mike Stash of Lehman Township.

“The second election in a row has been botched in my opinion on purpose and the only way to make this right is to have a new election in this county,” noted Jamie Walsh of Ross Township.

Some people who did come to the meeting or weighed in virtually urged the board to certify the results. Saying if they did not it would disenfranchise voters.

“I see no strong reason to believe that any recount or anything else that you can do would change the results in this election,” said Daniel Stokes of West Wyoming.

All of this comes as Luzerne County District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce is investigating the paper shortage.