LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We are following a race out of Lackawanna County for the commissioner of the county.

The votes leader so far on the Democratic side is Bill Gaughan and Mat McGloin claiming victory in their races.

“There are so many people who think you know that the support that we’ve had the sport that we’ve gotten is just tremendous. Yo, you know most of your specials at times, and put motivating it is what it is and I continue to work hard each and every day with the people of Lackawanna County in mind,” expressed Matt McGloin. (D)

“When we started this race, we were the underdog by a lot and then we were up against the common county commissioner and Penn State Nopa football star and we won because our message resonated with the voters that people think that we can do better in this county do you think we can do better and they wanted a new generation of leadership and that’s what we are going to offer them,” stated Bill Gaughan. (D) 

On the Republican side leading the vote for Lackawanna County Commissioner is Chris Chermak, both have claimed victory.

“Very exciting a little overwhelming but super exciting. I’m so excited to have this opportunity to run with Chris. Enter and possibly be a county commissioner,” stated Diana Campbell (R) Lackawanna County Commissioner Candidate.

“So the two of us together we want to work with everybody doesn’t matter if somebody’s a Republican so he’s a Democrat we work for all residents of Lackawanna County,” expressed Chris Chermak (R) Lackawanna County Commissioner Incumbent.

There are only three commissioners in Lackawanna County. So it’s up to voters in November to decide which party has the majority.