HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — History seemed to be repeating itself when The Hunlock Creek firehouse ran out of paper during the 2023 Primary Election.

However, the issue was resolved as more paper was delivered to the polling place. Eyewitness News reached out to the director of the election bureau, who said they sent rovers to polling places with additional paper ballots.

Poll workers tell Eyewitness News they did not have enough paper for the ballots. So some voters had to vote on electronic machines that were there for folks who have physical challenges.

The Director of the Election Bureau says a so-called rover brought the additional paper to the polling place. But voters and poll workers were not happy about the situation.

“Overwhelmed, because it comes back on us and this is the second time in six months it happened and we feel bad for our voters. We want everyone to vote equally and fairly and it’s not fair,” stated Brianna Hardiman, the minority inspector of elections.

Some voters said they had to wait for a few hours to cast their vote, something not everyone would do. Eyewitness News saw many who came out to vote, walk out very upset because they didn’t get to cast a ballot.

“We always have more than 150 registered voters and they only sent us 150 Republican ballots,” said Eva Cragle, Judge of Elections in Hunlock Creek.

“I don’t understand how this stuff keeps happening in this county. As far as I’m concerned, everybody should be fired. I don’t care whether it’s the D.A. or anybody else they haven’t resolved anything, they haven’t answered any questions, and we are still short for ballots again,” explained David Stetter, of Hunlock Creek.

The issue has been resolved as the paper was delivered to the polling location.