SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A busy night in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania on the campaign trail, just days shy of election day.

Several candidates made a stop in our region as a big rally was held in Lackawanna County for US Senate Republican Candidate Doctor Mehmet Oz and Congressional Candidate Jim Bognet.

Mehmet Oz says the key to victory is held by those in this crowd and beyond and urged them to turn out and vote on Tuesday.

Oz hammered away on issues he says everyday Americans are concerned about, such as inflation and rising fuel prices.

“Young Couples make their first investment for a starter home..they can’t afford the interest rates. We have families all over the Commonwealth worried about crime… won’t send kids outside,” said Oz.

Oz says he is living the American dream and says he will work to make it possible for others.

“As you all know I’m not a politician. I’m a heart surgeon and heart surgeons fix big problems like a broke heart. We do it as teams we unify we are stronger together than divided. Like we are as a people. I want to bring balance back into the equation,” said Oz.

Recent polling shows OZ with a slight lead over John Fetterman, who he says is too extreme for Pennsylvania.

Before Oz spoke, Jim Bognet rallied the crowd. He is trying to unseat Democrat Matt Cartwright in the 8th District.

“When Dr. Oz and I are fighting for you you will be proud of us. We will always put you above any President any Speaker and party. We will say what do people of Pennsylvania need,” said Bognet.

These were welcome words for the folks in this crowd.

“I thought it was great. I thought it was a great turnout. Lots of energy a lot of excitement. But I really hope people go out and vote,” said Pat Miller from South Abington Township.

“Remember he had a terrible primary a tough one and he has to get all those people who went the other direction instead of him he has to bring them here now on November 8th If Republicans come out to vote he’s a winner,” said Ernie Preate of Old Forge.

Both races are too close to call and all of the candidates know what they do in the next five days can make or break their chances of winning.

Recent polls show that Mehmet Oz has a slight lead over Fetterman. Oz has gained ground in recent months.

At one point, he was trailing Fetterman by double digits, the race is considered a toss-up.

Republican Jim Bognet is trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Matt Cartwright in the 8th Congressional District.

Cartwright defeated Bognet two years ago, but recent polls show this race also very close.