WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — From Your Local Election Headquarters, Northeastern Pennsylvania is in the political spotlight Thursday night as both major party candidates in the hotly-contested race for U.S. Senate are rallying their respective bases.

And democrat John Fetterman made a stop Wednesday afternoon in Luzerne County.

The campaign stop at Genetti Hotel and Conference Center marked the first time local supporters got to see John Fetterman in person since his much-scrutinized debate performance.

Nearly six months after his life-threatening stroke, he’s trying to put to rest concerns about his ability to serve in the senate if elected.

Less than a week before election day, John Fetterman sat down with fellow Democrat Senator Bob Casey in front of a crowd of roughly 100 people. The event was billed as a discussion on making the economy work for the working people of Luzerne County. It also served as a way to demonstrate Fetterman’s post-stroke abilities to participate in that discussion.

Casey asked, “You’re in the middle of a big campaign, how has it changed your life as a candidate?

“Sure, absolutely,” Fetterman replied.

Sen. Casey brought up several campaign talking points and Fetterman followed with a response including anti-crime and pro-law enforcement initiatives.

Casey says, “But you’re going to be a senator supporting who is going to be supporting those programs.”

“Absolutely. In fact in this race, we’re the only candidate that actually has hands-on experience fighting against crime and gun violence,” Fetterman responded.

Fetterman also touched on the economy calling inflation its own sort of tax on the working class.

“I think it’s also critical that we begin to insist on making more things right here in Pennsylvania and making things right here in of course our nation,” Fetterman added.

Among the voters to hear Fetterman’s message was a stroke survivor named Roy Phillips.

“I do believe that he’s a courageous man for standing up after having a stroke,” explained Roy Phillips, a registered democrat from Kingston.

“My thought is, he’s recovering from a stroke. No matter the debate, I believe in what he is promoting and going to represent in Washington,” stated Jill Payne, a registered republican from Allentown.

NBC News Correspondent Dasha Burns has been following Fetterman on his return to the campaign trail following his stroke including his debate performance.

“It did have an impact. It did have them question what they were going to do but a lot can happen in the next five days,” said Dasha Burns, news correspondent.

This weekend, Fetterman will turn to former President Barack Obama for a Pre-Election Day boost. The two democrats will campaign together in Pittsburgh.