LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Luzerne County officials are once again looking for a new county manager. This comes after their last manager had to resign citing family health reasons.

The new county manager will have to deal with numerous critical issues facing county government and its residents.

County leaders Eyewitness I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick spoke with say there is no time to waste and the process is on the fast track.

They say this is probably the most important hiring the county has seen in recent memory.

“The last situation, unfortunately, didn’t turn out very well. So this one is very critical because I think we have to get back on track to make the government work,” said Democratic Luzerne County Council member Tim McGinley.

McGinley says the selection of a new county manager, this time around, will impact the county for years to come.

“The county has several issues. We always have their own issues. Number one you have the election department. Who’s going to head that up? Number two: You have Children and Youth Services which is a very major situation for the county to service those children and families who need that. So the budget is always a big issue,” said McGinley.

A three-member citizen search committee began their work this week.

They hope to advertise the position in several weeks and have a recommendation to the council by March 31.

McGinley says the potential candidate’s background will be vital to the operations of the county.

“The big thing I think for the county Manager is we need someone who has the experience and the background to handle all the different departments that the county has and the people that we serve,” said McGinley.

Former county council member Rick Morelli served on the Home Rule Study Commission, served on county council, and was a member of the last County Manager Search Committee.

He insists this is a job. in his words, Not for the faint of heart or mind.

“This person has to have a very good understanding of what this job is all about in the sense of the complexity of the position, understanding the politics of the areas, understanding the financials of this county. It’s a very large county and this person needs to know all of the challenges coming into it,” said Morelli.

County council will have the final say as to what person is hired and that will involve interviews and more. Council hopes to hire the new county manager by the end of April.