WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two incidents at a Luzerne County ballot drop box location in two days. As the saga unfolds just days before the Pennsylvania primary election, voters and even county officials are raising concerns.

These mail-in ballot mishaps are raising serious concerns. Election integrity is on the line, and it’s what the Luzerne County board of elections is trying to protect.

It’s a tale of two mail ballot mishaps in Luzerne County, both happening at the dropbox at Penn Place in Wilkes-Barre.

While a steady stream of voters dropped off their properly sealed ballots Friday afternoon, that wasn’t the case with one voter on Thursday.

He approached a female election bureau worker with two “naked ballots,” meaning they were not contained in the secrecy envelopes required to be counted.

When she told him he needed proper authorization to submit someone else’s ballot.

“Apparently the person got upset and ripped the ballots up and threw them in the trash,” said Walter Griffith, Luzerne County controller.

Walter Griffith is the Luzerne County Controller.

“The person whose ballot he threw away, or ripped up, has theoretically not voted,” explained Griffith.

This incident follows another on Wednesday when a county official reported a female voter tried to put four ballots in the dropbox at Penn Place.

It’s against the law to drop off anyone’s ballot besides your own unless you have a signed affidavit to do so.

County officials say she didn’t then dump all four ballots into a collection bag being used to empty the dropbox.

Griffith questions the value of using dropboxes and instead has another suggestion.

“Why don’t we just issue self-addressed, stamped envelopes to everybody in the county when we send out their ballots,” stated Griffith.

While Griffith prefers in-person voting, he believes as long as mail-in balloting is allowed voters need to know and abide by the rules.

“Election integrity is critical. I think every time something like this happens, it hurts the integrity of voters and the people who do it properly. They’ll go out and vote, they’ll fill out a ballot properly, they’ll put a stamp on it, all of those things… It hurts those folks,” explained Griffith.

The Luzerne County Election Board is expected to refer the incidents to District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce.

As of this evening, the da tells me he’s aware of what happened but has not yet received an official referral.