WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We are exactly one week from the Primary Election, and Dr. Mehmet Oz has a narrow lead in the GOP primary polls, for Pat Toomey’s Pennsylvania Senate seat.

Gop polls favor Dr. Mehmet Oz in the upcoming Primary Election for Pennsylvania U.S. Senate, happening in less than a week.

Tuesday morning, Oz greeted potential voters at D’s diner in Plains.

“I’m pleased he’s running for Senate. I don’t know why, but thank god he is. We need more people in there that have common sense and care about the people,” said Clayton Faurot, local voter.

Dr. Oz sat down one on one with Eyewitness News as he talked about his stance on abortion. Controversy over abortion has intensified in the past two weeks after a leaked draft opinion revealed the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v Wade.

“I’m a pro-life candidate. I feel all along that individual states should be making these decisions because the lower the decisions are made closer to the people, not at the federal level, the more they’re going to reflect the desires of the people,” explained Dr. Mehmet Oz (r)/PA U.S. Senate Candidate.

Oz says he supports exceptions only for abortions due to rape, incest, or the safety of the mother. We asked Oz how he would address deteriorating infrastructure in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where daily life is affected by crumbling roads and condemned bridges. oz said this is an area where current policy falls short.

“So much of the money goes to red tape, goes to salaries of people devaluating what should be done rather than actually doing things. When you’ve got rivers that overflow, bridges that are condemned, roads that aren’t navigable, everyone gets frustrated. It hinders our ability as a society to thrive,” said Dr. Oz.

Oz talked about strengthening Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry.

“It enables us to have a massive impact keeping a clean environment while at the same time providing the energy we need,” said Dr. Oz.

He says his first priority in Washington would be healthcare reform.

“Every American deserves to have their own doctor and in addition to their own doctor, they need transparency as to what tests those doctors are ordering and what medications they’re prescribing. If we give individuals that power, they’ll make wise decisions for themselves,” Dr. Oz said.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Oz for Senate last month. Dr. Oz leads the latest Republican poll followed by Kathy Barnette and Dave McCormick.

Lt. Governor John Fetterman leads the democratic primary polls.