MILTON, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — 24 hours ago, one vote separated Democratic candidate Tom Aber and his opponent Republican candidate Joe Moralez by one vote. After counting the last provisional ballots, Aber was declared the new mayor of Milton.

“Couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe it,” said Mayor Tom Aber, (D)-Milton.

After the unofficial election results poured in, Democratic candidate Tom Aber was just one vote ahead of Republican candidate Joseph Moralez for Milton’s mayoral race. Thursday morning the last three provisional ballots were opened.

“We had the potential in Northumberland County for a tied mayoral race and we opened the provisionals. After we deemed they all count and all three went to winner Tom and he is solidified as the new mayor of Milton,” said Nathan Savidge who is on the Northumberland County Board of Elections and Chief Registrar and Director of Elections.

Of the last three ballots, two belonged to voters registered as Republicans and one was a registered Democrat. Still, in disbelief, Aber says he’s looking forward to both parties coming together.

“When you work with the Republicans and Democrats, that’s great,” said Mayor Aber.

Moralez says he is relieved it wasn’t a tie and congratulated Aber on a competitive win.

“The fact that he was able to switch a lot of Republicans over to vote for him speaks volumes about who he is and his character, so I wish Tom the best of luck,” said Moralez, (R)-Milton Mayoral candidate.

With such a close race, another vote could’ve made a difference in the outcome. Aber says every vote matters and hopes more residents cast their ballots.

“I was hoping we’d get more people to cast their votes and we didn’t get that. And we need that in the future,” said Aber.