SCRANTON, LACKAWANA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — 13 days until the elections with control of congress up for grabs. Republicans and Democrats are fighting for key wins in battleground states. One of those is Pennsylvania the two senate candidates faced off last night in what’s likely their only debate.

The stakes are high for this senate seat. Thousands of households across the commonwealth had their eyes on the debate last night but not so much when it came to students on college campuses.

Eyewitness News spoke with a local professor about how he will be going over the debate in his classroom this week.

Adam Shprintzen an associate professor of History at Marywood University says how candidates portray themselves to the public is important.

“Debates have always been about optics and optics to the public at large,” stated Shprintzen.

It builds perceptions and sometimes misperceptions. Blows were traded Tuesday night during the Pennsylvania senate debate between democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz.

“I’m running to serve Pennsylvania; he’s running to use Pennsylvania,” said Fetterman.

“You haven’t shown up on the campaign trail, you haven’t answered questions from voters, not once on the campaign trail,” said Oz.

On Marywood University’s campus in Scranton Wednesday many students said they didn’t tune into the senate debate.

Shprintzen will be one of many professors across Pennsylvania breaking down the debate in class as election day looms.

“I think that students are really interested in thinking about not just what this election going to mean to Pennsylvania but what is it going to mean on the national scene,” explained Shprintzen.

The economy was a big talking point Tuesday night as well as crime, fracking, and abortion rights.

Shprintzen says when it comes to this hot debate. Many voters already have their minds made up.

“That’s going to be key in this election is what the turnout is going to be,” said Shprintzen.

A Nexstar media/Emerson College poll at the end of September showed Fetterman and Oz in a virtual tie. Last night was their only scheduled debate