EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Shapiro has not relinquished his lead in the polls since voter surveys began after the May primary. Other polls done in recent days show Shapiro maintaining a double-digit lead over Mastriano.

As Eyewitness News continues its profile of the gubernatorial candidates, we look at Shapiro’s platform and voter support.

In the midst of a statewide bus tour in the final days of the campaign, Josh Shapiro is not relying on the polls.

He is taking his campaign platform from one end of the Commonwealth to the other in a push for votes.

“We’ve seen so many Republicans join Democrats and Independents in supporting our candidacy,” said Shapiro.

This past weekend, he sought support, especially from young voters attending the Penn State football game.

“It’s all on the line right now. Your freedom, your right to vote, your right to make decisions over your own body, the right to have quality education for every job in this commonwealth, safe communities, an economy that’s going to lift everybody up,” Shapiro said.

Two weeks earlier, Shapiro spoke one-on-one with our sister station WTAJ tackling topics like cutting the corporate tax rate to four percent.

“Any effort I’m going to make legislatively to reduce taxes is going to be combined with efforts to invest more workforce. A $15 minimum wage at least to make sure that we’re investing in apprenticeship programs. Look, for example, we need more welders, we need more plumbers, we need more electricians,” Shapiro stated.

The Democrat also says he supports school choice.

“And if that means a parent putting their kid into a charter school, they should be able to do that. I want to empower parents to put their kids into a position to succeed. Not to undermine our public schools but to add to them. This should not be a conversation, public education, that’s either-or,” Shapiro continued.

He also supports staying with the state’s current law allowing abortion up to 24 weeks, unless health is at risk after that.

“My view is it’s a woman’s right to make that choice free from political interference whatever choice she makes,” Shapiro added.

That’s something voter Karen Baranoski feels so strongly about, she is supporting Shapiro with not only a yard sign but also her vote.

“He’s for Pennsylvanians. He will be for women’s rights and just so many other things and help us with so many of our rights, keeping our rights and our freedoms in Pennsylvania,” Baranoski said.

Shapiro’s current campaign swing called the “Big Fights Bus Tour” takes him to Williamsport, Bloomsburg, and Pottsville on Thursday and then on Friday to the Wilkes-Barre area.

Shapiro and Mastriano will not debate before Election Day because the candidates could not agree to terms for a debate.