LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — From Your Local Election Headquarters, more than two years after the last ballot was cast, a recount of the 2020 presidential election is underway in Lycoming County.

The nearly 60,000 ballots cast will be hand-counted over the course of the next three weeks. The Lycoming County voter services began recounting the ballots Monday.

They were cast for the Presidential and Auditor General Races in the November 2020 Election. This is an extraordinary step no other Pennsylvania County has taken.

The recount initially was requested by a group of concerned citizens in early 2022, who didn’t trust the outcome, with the goal of reassuring voters that the electronic voting system counts ballots accurately.

“The intent is to show that the machines are accurate and do their job and more importantly, to give confidence to the voters that our election process works, and is accurate,” said Matthew McDermott, Director of Administration and Chief Clerk of Lycoming County.

A petition calling for the recount was signed by 5-thousand people. The commissioners voted 2-1 to go through with the recount.

“Everything’s running smoothly in a matter of fact I believe we’re a little bit ahead of schedule so we’re working in two-person teams. They have a process that they’re using and then administration the Director of services Forest Lehmen he’s doing the calculations and moving it along, the process is working just fine,” said Anthony Mussare, Lycoming County Commissioner.

Roughly 40 county employees are involved in the recount.

The count is overseen by party representatives and open to reporters, though no cameras are allowed inside.

The hope is to get it completed in one week, but it’s scheduled to continue through January 31, If needed.