01/16/18 Viewer reception information for WBRE and WYOU

There are a multitude of ways you can receive WBRE and WYOU.

Off air- this is free but you will need of an antenna capable of receiving VHF-11 for WBRE and VHF-13 for WYOU.


DirecTV- these require clear access (line of sight) to the proper satellite- occasionally a chain saw will help if you are a property owner in a wooded area.

Cable TV- Cable is available in a large number of areas…


Our new Digital transmitters cover many areas that previously required a translator. We have discontinued analog translator service but do have digital translators in Waymart serving in addition to Waymart, parts of Honesdale and parts of Western Pike County. Waymart has digital translators for both WBRE (over the air UHF-28) and WYOU (over the air UHF-25).

Full Power Transmitters:

We operate WBRE-DT on ch-11 and WYOU-DT on ch-13. We are at the maximum power that the FCC will grant. Our digital transmitters have the advantage of being on the VHF band that is well known for having much better coverage than UHF. Since this market previously had no VHF stations, you may need to purchase an antenna that is designed for VHF. Combination VHF/UHF antennas are available. We have people as far as Binghamton and Bainbridge NY, and Mansfield PA receiving these digital transmitter signals. The key point is you will need a VHF or VHF/UHF combination antenna. Please refer to the useful links section below for antenna selection.

DTV reception questions:

WBRE and WYOU have been broadcasting at full power since November 2005. WBRE-DT is on VHF-11 and WYOU-DT is on VHF-13 but they will show up as 28.1 and 22.1 on most DTV converter boxes and TVs as do the Waymart Translators. Some TVs or converters will lock better/quicker if you enter 11 or 13 (28/22 for Waymart) directly and they’ll then find 22.1/28.1; some need the channel number entered as 11.1 etc.. Both WYOU-DT and WBRE-DT transmit from Penobscot mountain. WBRE-DT and WYOU-DT are both on the WYOU tower and transmit from one antenna array located on Penobscot Mt. near Mountain Top PA, about 4 miles south of downtown Wilkes-Barre. The FCC assigned VHF frequencies and at a power level that was designed to cover our existing viewing area. We petitioned the FCC for increased power and the FCC granted us the maximum. WBRE-DT and WYOU-DT transmit at 10 times the power originally allocated to them. Channel 28 and Channel 22 analog transmitters were turned off on February 17th 2009.

One of the most common problems viewers encounter when setting up their TV converter or digital TV has to do with the type of antenna being used. Specifically, you will need a VHF or VHF/UHF antenna for WBRE/WYOU. Indoor versions of VHF antennas generally have “rabbit ears”. If you are using only a set-top antenna then you may need to use a roof top antenna. Several of the below sites will calculate distances to our transmitters and help in antenna selection. One TV top antenna is the RCA Ant121 Universal Indoor Antenna (Just an example- not endorsed over other manufacturers).

Here are a few links that may help out if you have Internet access:

https://www.tvfool.com/ This site shows our signal coverage.

https://www.solidsignal.com/ This site lists a broad range of antennas.





Interference problems – (this sometimes applies when only WBRE or only WYOU has a problem- first make sure you have the proper antenna.)

WBRE and WYOU transmit from the same antenna and at the same power. There are two categories of problems that need to be investigated for possible interference; internal- that is, your receiving system from antenna to amplifiers if any at splitters etc., and external such as Cable systems “leaking” into your antenna, close by FM radio stations in the 99-102 MHz. range for WBRE (105-108 for WYOU) or other transmissions getting into your system. WBRE digital is in the range of 198-204 MHz., the same as Cable ch-11. WYOU digital is in the range of 210-216 MHz., the same as Cable ch-13. If you are on a street that has cable then it is possible that the Cable Company is causing interference from a faulty component. Please contact WBRE/WYOU Engineering for assistance in troubleshooting suspected interference problems.

HD questions:

WBRE and WYOU are broadcasting almost entirely HD programming; a few commercials and shows remain in standard definition if provided to us that way. Both WBRE and WYOU added sub-channels on 8/26/16. These are:


WBRE 28.3 Grit

WBRE 28.4 Justice

WYOU 22.2 Escape

WYOU 22.3 Bounce


Our commitment to Emergency, Safety, and Public closing content is a high priority. We also excel in providing Closed Captioning to our viewers. We have not finished adding features such as text to voice for viewers and we will continue to do so to provide the best quality service to our viewers.

We appreciate your input and look forward to delivering you the best viewing experience.

Don Francis Chief Engineer
62 South Franklin St.
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701-1201

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