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AVOCA, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)– It’s the third year running for the Avoca Farmers Market, and it’s more important now than ever to support local businesses.

“We’re only a year old so we don’t have a huge advertising budget. This kind of word-of-mouth helps us tremendously,” Dan Schreffler, owner and chief winemaker at Spacetime Mead and Cider Works said.

Schreffler worked in the corporate world for years, but now he is one of the many local vendors looking to serve our region. After only a year in business, he says having other local businesses to support and lean on makes the area ideal.

“That’s the cool thing about Northeast Pennsylvania, we have a wonderful area–in fact, here at the farmers market, there’s one of my suppliers for pear and apple juices. We get our honey from Beekeeper’s Daughter in Plains–wonderful people, good quality honey. We source honey from other local apiaries–as much local fruit from the area. [We get] coffee from world-class roasters like Electric City Roasting Company. We’re just blessed to have access to such wonderful ingredients,” Schreffler added.

By coming out and supporting local businesses, you may be paying money to one vendor for goods or services and impacting an entire community–or family.

“This is my third year here–I’ve been in the Abington Farm Market, in Chinchilla, for 25 years,” Ken Ayers of Ayers Orchard said.

The Ayers are a county away from their orchard in Ransom Township, but they are representing local and family businesses.

“We’re selling zucchini, green beans, beat radishes, blueberries, sugarplums, and peaches,” Alden Ayers said.

Young Alden is helping out grandpa Ken, who operates the family business, relying on proceeds from local markets.

“I enjoy it or I wouldn’t do it. It’s good for us [because] retail gets us a lot better prices for our product. I wholesale some stuff when I have too much, but we mostly try to go retail. It increases our bottom line than wholeselling,” Ken Ayers explained.

Ayers Orchard supplies other businesses, like Spacetime Mead and Cider Works, which helps strengthen the local business community.

“I would just encourage everyone to come out and support their own community because as you support me, I can support your local businesses and help your family. If we keep the money in the community, then the money stays in the community and helps us all grow together. You’re gaining some really world-class products whether it be fruit from the farmers, anything else that’s produced and particularly, I’d say our wine is world class,” Schreffler said.

Spacetime had an early Wednesday rush at the market and even sold out of their soda, made in appreciation for designated drivers and fueled by their friends at Beekeeper’s Daughter. But there was still plenty of products left to go by the time the vendors started packing up.

Those involved with the market say that business has been just a bit slower this year but they are also holding new business hours.

You can check out the Avoca Farmers Market every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. just off McAlpine Street.

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