Digital Exclusive: Luzerne County hospital begins using air filter technology against COVID

Digital Exclusive

WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Meet Rosie, PAM Specialty Hospital of Wilkes-Barre’s newest indoor bio-defense system.

“Rosie is a nickname the staff gave it. They’re thinking of the Jetsons, if you remember the old cartoon. I believe the robot house keeper is called Rosie,” David Long, CEO of PAM Specialty Hospital of Wilkes-Barre, said.

Rosie isn’t your average housekeeper. She is a machine built by a company called Integrated Viral Protection. IVP makes machines like Rosie to protect against COVID-19 and other viruses with a specialized filtration system.

“So what it does is it basically draws air from the hallway and into the unit itself, and then they have a HEPA filter. A high tech HEPA filter that heats up to three hundred and ninety-something degrees and kills viruses on contact. So then it puts out purified air into the hallway,” Long said.

The unit is large, but because of its wheels, it’s portable. Long says getting the machine was in the works for a few years now.

“Certainly the pandemic brought it to fruition pretty expediently and fortunately it does… it’s gonna be useful even after the pandemic because it kills so many other viruses,” Long said.

PAM Specialty Hospital is the first hospital in its regional market to use this kind of technology. Hospital staff say they feel good having it.

“Obviously we’re following all the CDC guidelines, the state department health guidelines, we have the appropriate PPE, we restrict out visitation, social distancing. But this is an other weapon for us,” Long said.

You can find out where to learn more about PAM Specialty Hospital Wilkes-Barre here.

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