Digital Exclusive: Heading back to Hanover Area

Digital Exclusive

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many school districts throughout northeast and central Pennsylvania are still dotting i’s and crossing t’s when it comes to reopening plans.

For Superintendent Nathan Barrett and the Hanover Area School District? There’s an aggressive approach with plenty of back and forth involving parents and staff.

“If us as a district, and the community and residents of the Hanover Area School District could come together and battle through this together and if that means we shift a little bit to the left, or a little bit to the right to serve the community, to the best of our ability is still within the confines of everything that we legally can do and and and be there within certain times of the day. We are all too happy to do that. We have to tailor-make the educational process around these folks that are literally trying to plan well Monday through Thursday this week. We can work. And I can make money from my family and then they can plan their monthly finances, they could plan their monthly child care, and then they could plan. Most importantly, their child’s future with education,” Barrett said.

Even on the same day as new guidelines come from the department of health on mask use in schools? The community meets and gets clarification on precautions like desk shields.

“Well I’m, we’re still complying with the six feet in between. And the shields are one more layer. I’m in this, this was more of a relaxed. And I don’t want to use that word too loosely and have it broken down and used against me but if, if a student needs to get some breathing room, or pull it down, um, that would be the only area that it’s allowed,” Barrett said.

Far from the first time the district has had to readjust; between online meetings and parent surveys, Barrett says they’re doing the best they can.

“That has been the actual focus. The focal point is we understand the community that we serve. So, we are taking into consideration the fact that every single parent that has taken the time to actually complete the forms are sent back online surveys are actually concerned. We are very mindful of the fact that they’re very concerned they’re trying to plan for their future,” Barrett said.

With the first day back in classes slated for less than two weeks away the number of questions shrinks and answers rise. But there’s a long way to go in this unprecedented school year.

“You know what, we’re gonna have to piece this together. You know folks who are struggling to, we’ll have resources for you. But once we get up and running that’s right. And then last slide, we just have to have patience and all of a sudden understand this is new to everybody, but it’s, it’s a little bit more now are a lot more in depth. Now, once we get up and running it’s gonna be much better for everybody,” Barrett said.

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