Digital Exclusive: Dogs rescued from poor conditions in Lackawanna County

Digital Exclusive

Several dogs were rescued from squalid conditions, some required immediate medical attention

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Police officers were called to a home in South Abington Township for a gas leak. When they arrived, they found something unexpected… 37 dogs living in squalid conditions. That’s when a team of rescuers from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter arrived on the scene.

“It was hard to see but you know it was I think for all of us involved it was a weird mix of emotions of like this is tough to see but we were really happy we were there to help. It’s very satisfying to you know… we’re making a difference, you know,” Kayleigh Raposa, a training and behavior coordinator at Griffin Animal Pond, said.

Raposa says she saw dogs everywhere she looked. But the dogs were not in good condition – all had matted fur.

“The biggest thing is I don’t think they were getting to go outside so it was pretty covered with feces and urine so a lot of that was in the house with them and that was why they were so matted,” Raposa said.

The dogs had fleas and allergies to those fleas, as well as some teeth and dental issues. Three dogs required immediate veterinary attention. The dogs were taken in by five other local shelters to avoid overcrowding at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. Raposa says the dogs’ conditions are slowly improving.

“They were pretty scared yesterday. A couple of them weren’t the happiest with us you know just coming in and grabbing them and taking them somewhere they didn’t know. So once they calm down relax and we get to know them and make sure they’re medically all good, they will become available for adoption or foster,” Raposa said.

The shelter’s Humane Officer is looking into the situation regarding the dogs’ owners. Raposa says there are many variables that go into a decision. She says sometimes there are charges presesed, and sometimes an agreement is reached to avoid a similar situation.

“The people in the situation are also getting the help they need which is awesome. We were just happy to be there to help everyone involved,” Raposa said.

She says donations are always welcome to the shelter – they’re in need bedding and food.

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