BERWICK, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — “Since I was a kid I looked at this building, I was a super fan of it so I decided, I was like ‘you know what maybe I’ll do something for the town’,” Mikey Henger of Berwick told Eyewitness News.

You could say Henger’s new house on Cemetery Street stands out, but that’s just what he wants. In fact, it’s not really a house but a church that’s more than 100 years old.

“Instead of a new restaurant, a new bar, something like that, let’s show people you can buy these old properties and turn them into something that looks good and resurrect the area,” Henger said.

Henger plans for the church to be a Goth-influenced house. He recently started work on the building, transforming the inside, painting it black, and adding a gargoyle, coal, and fence outside it. He tells Eyewitness News he’s been trying to track down the history of the church.

“It was built in 1906, I know that. I actually have a couple of the original pictures of it. It was a church I think until the ’80s and then it was turned into a residential for people to live there,” Henger said.

He says he’s also trying to keep the church’s story alive. For example, the stained glass windows are dedicated to people that died, of which some are buried in the cemetery across the street,

“So what I’d like to do is get pictures of them and dedicate, instead of giving away the glass windows I’d like to dedicate the church to these people. That’s what it was from the beginning so I’d like to keep it going you know,” Henger said.

Henger says he knows this house is different than other houses in Berwick but he hopes it will inspire people to get creative and follow their passions.

“I really want to motivate people to do things that not everyone will always agree with. You know I always look at it like this. People will love you and people will hate you but you have to do something for yourself to make sure you’re happy with your own life,” Henger said.

Henger hopes he’ll be living in his new home next spring.