WINDBER, Pa. (WTAJ)– If you’re looking to take your spooky season to the next level, consider a stay in the Grand Midway Hotel in Windber.

“Nobody comes here for a good night’s sleep. It’s not that kind of place. People who come are paranormal investigators or curiosity seekers. And it’s a real niche of a vibe but we nail it,” Owner, Blair Murphy, said.

Blair used to live in Los Angeles working on horror movies. But then a friend of his noticed the hotel for sale online and he decided to come to check it out for a weekend.

“And a week later I found myself living here,” Murphy said. “The sellers didn’t say anything about the haunted aspect.”

Twenty years later, while Murphy is no longer living in the hotel he still has it open to the public. Paranormal investigators and thrill seekers are often poking around through all hours of the night to experience strange phenomena like doors slamming, voices and even see ghosts. Murphy says he believes the hotel chose him in a way to be its new host.

“I was raised in a funeral home, my parents were funeral directors,” Murphy said. “My first press quote in second grade was that my dad paints dead people’s lips. And so I’ve always loved spooky stuff, spooky environments, I grew up in one. And then when I went to Hollywood I worked in horror movies.”

Murphy has added new attractions to the hotel, including the world’s largest Quija Board on the rook of the hotel, and the world’s largest tarot card on the first-floor ceiling. The community has been happy to donate some of their spooky items as well.

“One day I came out on the porch and there was a dried mummified barn cat with a note saying enjoy the cat,” Murphy said. “And people leave strange items all the time, if you have a haunted doll or something that you want to get out of your house because it is too creepy, just leave it on our porch and we’ll make it part of the collection.”

With some openings still available, don’t wait up to get your room in time for Halloween.