Ready to Race Giants Despair

The Oldest Hillclimb in the Country_20160715190704

Time after time this weekend — cars sped up the “Giants Despair”  hillclimb.
    Since the first time trial in 1906 — racers from across the nation make their way to northeast Pennsylvania each year.

“it’s got such great roots in this area. Everybody looks forward to this all year round. It’s like christmas for some people.” Said Darryl Danko

    This year. The more than 100 competitors waited anxiously as rain came down before the first run.
    Luckily, the light rain couldn’t delay the start — but it does cause a little hesitation from some drivers.     

“The bigger horsepower cars will have to take it a little easy until the road starts to get a little heat in it.”

    With rain out of the way — spinning tires work to dry the road.
    Larksville couple Steve and Mary Sincavage have a long history on the hill.

“He’s the one who got me into it ten years ago, and little by little it’s been getting better and better.” said Mary

    They met at giants despair ten years ago.
    But with record times just seconds apart — the family rivalry has a renewed chapter this weekend.

“He’s my teacher. He’s the one who taught me how to drive, so it’s exciting to try to keep up with him.”

    And Steve says the hill always offers something new.

“The hill’s very demanding, and every year it changes a little bit. It’s never the same every year.”

    Even with the mile track ending with a 22 degree pitch — organizers say some drivers will crest the hill at more than 100 miles per hour.
    — taking less than 50 seconds to get from the bottom to the top.

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