East Stroudsburg, Monroe County – There’s not much choice on East Fifth Street in East Stroudsburg. If you want to get across the road, you need to go over a parade of potholes. Driver Arlington Wolbert said,”I hit my head yesterday. I hit that big hole there. I didn’t see it. It was full of water and I hit my head on the side. I said I’m going to be more careful this time.”


Eyewitness News met Wolbert on his way to the American Legion building at the end of East Fifth Street. He said it has been a problem for years but not it’s getting worse. He complained, “There’s water underneath here. It flows all the time. When it freezes down there it forces it up through the ground.”


Sue Vena said during and right after storms, frozen water blankets the street. “We’re talking a few inches of ice,” she said. “A few times I’ve slid, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stop for that stop sign.”


When the ice melts, more pot holes appear. Vena complained, “They are no longer pot holes. They are craters. It’s just become a real nightmare to have to go back and forth.”


She worries emergency vehicles might not be able to get over them. She said, “Are we not gonna be able to have emergency services?” She added, “Is an ambulance going to be able to get through in case of an emergency? A police car?”


Vena said she asked borough employees to help. “I wasn’t getting any answer. They said they would be working on the road in the future,” she said.


Borough Manager Jim Phillips did not return a request for comment on this story.