Due to the extreme temperature fluctuations across the region, there are a higher number of potholes on the roads.  PennDOT is aware of the situation, and is actively working to repair the roads as quickly as possible.  However, until the ground temperature rises to at least 45 degrees, permanent repairs cannot be made, and potholes can only be temporarily filled with cold patch.  When the ground temperature is warmer, crews will go back and complete the repair in a more permanent manner. 
The following is a list of where crews will be working today along the 8,500 miles of roadway here in Northeastern Pennsylvania: 
Lackawanna County:
Interstate 84,
Interstate 380,
Drinker Street, Scranton
Blakely Street, Scranton
Main Avenue, Scranton
SR 6/11, Scranton
SR 106, Scranton
Luzerne County:
SR 2032, Parsonage Street, Pittston
SR 2019, Oak Street, Pittston
SR 309, Hazle Township
SR 2002, Main Street, Nanticoke
SR 11 – Various Municipalities
Pike County
Interstate 84 Westbound– between Exit 20 (Greentown/Lake Wallenapupack) and Exit 46 (Milford)
Susquehanna County:
SR 706, Western Susquehanna
SR 29, North of Montrose
SR 267, North of Lawton
SR 167, South of Montrose
Wayne County
SR 590, Twin Rocks
SR 191, Twin Rocks
SR 196, Twin Rocks
SR 670, Waymart/Red School
SR 296, Waymart, Red School
SR 247, Waymart, Red School
SR 6, Honesdale
SR 670, Honesdale
SR 191, Honesdale
Main Street, Honesdale
Church Street, Honesdale