Luzerne County–Spring is just around the corner and that means potholes are popping up on area roadways.

Butch Frati, Director of Operations for the city of Wilkes-Barre, says, “We’ve seen a tremendous amounf of potholes over the past few days.”

Douglas Yacuboski of PennDOT says, “They form really quickly. We’ve seen more over the past two days than the entire winter.”

The increase in potholes is because of the increase in temperature recently.

Yacuboski notes, “We have one of the fastest freeze-thaw cycles in Northeast Pennsylvania.”

Frati adds, “The roads go from soft to frozen and back and forth. It makes it hard to maintain them.”

But crews are working around the clock to cover the crevices.

They are using temporarily solutions until the spring when they permanently patch the potholes.

But there is a way you can help crews tackle this tedious task.

Yacuboski says, “We have a pothole hotline you can call. Then we’ll send a crew out.”

The PennDOT Pothole Hotline is for state roads.

For local roads, call the municipality you live in The PennDOT Pothole Hotline is 1-800-FIX-ROAD.