The roundabout in Dallas is undergoing construction… again. PennDOT announced the original pavement needs to be resurfaced because it is not up to standard. PennDOT regional press director, James May, says the reason the roundabout needs to be resurfaced is due to a pavement fail.

“This is a pavement failure, and we don’t know exactly why it did that. But, we are working with the contractor and they are working with the supplier to figure out what went wrong,” May says.

Just a normal glance at the pavement, it looks to be in good condition. But, if you look closer, you can tell it is starting to chip away.

“The top coat is beginning to crumble,” May stated.

In addition, the contractor who will work on this roundabout agreed to do the construction during off-peak hours and after the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

PennDOT mentioned it would only take about two days to complete, since it is only the top layer of the pavement.

“When you have to watch the road instead of oncoming traffic to make sure you don’t end up in a pothole, or a wreck, that’s dangerous, and that should be really taken care of first,” frequent roundabout traveler Cathy Mrackoski said.