LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Each month we’re sharing stories of strength and survival of people right here in our area.  In this month’s Buddy Check,  we’re introducing you to one woman.. who credits a local wellness center with helping her through the toughest battle of her life.  Eyewitness News Morning Anchor Kelly Byrne has our Buddy Check,

For Cindy Baum it’s been less than six months since she received the life-changing diagnosis of breast cancer.

And it came at the worst time..

“I was laid off after 22 years. So I found out I had cancer on Thursday, and on Friday I didn’t have a job. And I was going to one month of benefits, and i’m looking at a year of treatment. And so this whole time i’m thinking am I even going to be alive in a year?” Said Cindy Baum.

The stress and feelings of uncertainty — unimaginable. Which is why Cindy’s doctor recommended she head straight to a center that could help — called “Candy’s Place.”

“When I came in and they have their gym and their massages and all that i’m thinking who cares? Why would I need any of this stuff. Well let me tell you, once you start chemo and everything else, and you feel like a human pin cushion, and people are either putting poison in you or taking something out of you… You wouldn’t believe how much these things are appreciated.”

The free services aren’t the only forms of medicine.
The friendships made.. are remedies in itself

“We make each other laugh. I thought I was going to come here we were all going to be depressed individuals, sitting in a corner, talking about how horrible our lives were. And I went to this beauty class and we’re just all screaming and laughing, comparing our horrific side effects.” said Cindy

A Wellness Center helping Cindy and others.. as they become well again.

Today is the 28th of the Month.  Call your Buddy and remind them to do a self breast exam.