BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — After a thorough investigation looking for the best food to enjoy, 28/22 News I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick reports his findings at the 168th Bloomsburg Fair.

Andy does a lot of hard-hitting investigative reporting and now he’s been working on finding the best places to grab a bite to eat at the Bloomsburg Fair.

During his investigation, Andy spoke with 89-year-old Joanne Rupert of Milton at Kohr’s Sunkist Orangeade, which has been in operation since 1919. Joanne explains that her favorite thing about the fair is working with people and when asked, she said her favorite thing to eat is “everything.”

Shortly after, Andy spoke with Joanne’s daughter, Diann Shamburg of Watsontown about the landmark business.

Later on in the day, Andy continued his investigation into who makes the best fried food while at the Bloomsburg Fair. One of the fair attendees Andy spoke with was Wilkes-Barre resident Barry Hagenbaugh who says the best food he’s had so far was the ham and bean soup and recommends taffy for those with a sweet tooth.

Taking a break from his investigation, Andy tried his hand at a fair game with the help of Brian Miller from Lewisburg. While unsuccessful in winning anything, Andy still invites everyone to enjoy the fair.

For Tuesday’s Fan of the Fair, Andy spoke with James Dotzel of Wilkes-Barre Township and Josh Smith of Wilkes-Barre who shared their love of the yearly event.

Trying his hand again at some fair games, Andy was able to win a plush toy and generously gave it away to a Shamokin family who was also in attendance.

During his time at the fair, Andy was able to talk with Steve from Pottsville who told 28/22 News his favorite part of the fair is Vince’s Cheesesteaks. Steve also explained that for the area, the fair means tradition and he’s been coming for many years.

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