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(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Some amazingly talented kids looking for their Forever Home had a chance to meet prospective families at this summer’s matching event through the Statewide Adoption Network.  Our Chris Langlois had the pleasure of meeting a few of those kids to test their skills at mini golf and have a few laughs and to share their stories.

                 12-year-old Shylynn and 15-year-old Tatiyana are ready to hit the indoor mini golf course at Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos and show what they’ve got.

For Shylynn this is actually her first time ever playing.   “I haven’t ever done this before” She told us.

  She looks forward to finding her match someday having new experiences as a family.

   “Soccer, gymnastics, vacations, and family time. I need somebody who talks to me a lot. Like, I need someone who would help me and care for me,” explains Shylynn.

   Shylynn does well in school and support from parents could have an impact in the here and now.

 “I do extra work usually at math class. Always,” said Shylynn, but also with her dreams going forward “Either I want to be a president or I want to be a singer, or a model. I think I can handle it.”

The other member of our mini golf group is 15-year-old Tatiyana.   She’s a little more on the shy side and didn’t feel comfortable being interviewed on camera but adoption recruiter Kimberly Hillman can’t say enough good things about her.

   “Tatiyana is a sweet, sassy, witty, charming 15 and a half year old girl. She really is a great kid to hang out with and spend time with.”

  Tatiyana loves music and wants to pursue a career in the music industry someday. That’s where a family could offer some essential guidance and support.

  “Tatiyana would do well in any type of family. Other children, older children, younger children, pets. She really can adapt and adjust very well to any environment,” said Kimberly Hillman, Pinebrook Family Answers Adoption Recruiter.

 Shylynn and Tatiyana. Two kids just looking for a family to take that first step and learn a little more about the joy they could bring to life.  

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A Little Love

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