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A Little Love

POCONO SUMMIT, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – For June’s “A Little Love” segment, we’re doing things a little differently.  Eyewitness news stopped by a Statewide Adoption Network matching event this month and had the chance to meet two remarkable teenagers looking to experience life with a family by their side. 

At Kalahari’s “Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures” in Pocono Summit, we meet 18-year-olds Tyler and Eric.  Both graduated high school this month and are thinking about their next steps in life.   

Starting first with Tyler, he had a 4.0 GPA in high school and wants to go to college for zoology.  He says school has always been a passion. 

“School is important to me because I love education,” says Tyler.  “It has always been on my mind.”

He’s literally ‘learning the ropes‘ on the tree course.  It’s his first time ever doing anything like this and it could be the latest addition to his long list of hobbies. 

“I love to draw,” says Tyler.  “I love baseball, softball, [and] volleyball.” 

But it hasn’t always been easy for Tyler.  In the time he’s been looking for a forever family, he hasn’t always had the chance to experience some of life’s memorable moments.   

“I never got to go to a wedding,” says Tyler.  “I missed out on my sister having her baby.  I missed out on prom.”

But a supportive family could change that trend, letting him take on new challenges.

“I like to try new things,” says Tyler.  “And when I try new things it’s so exciting.”

Working alongside him in this latest challenge is Eric.  This 18-year-old is in his element. 

“Normal kids don’t like being outdoors,” says Eric.  “They like staying inside and playing video games.  Me? I could go outdoors any time of day.”

Eric has so many goals he would like to pursue in life.  He wants to serve his country in the military, but also aspires to start his own restaurant.  He says his specialty is spaghetti with homemade sauce. 

Eric is very methodical and takes things step by step on the course.  And it’s that kind of structure that he wants from a forever family.  

“[I picture a family] letting me be me for who I am and caring about me,” says Eric.  “Not like, ‘oh you can go do this on your own.’  Like actually being worried and saying ‘oh hold on, hold on, where are you going?'”

As these two 18-year-olds get ready for the real world, their commitment to finding that forever family is as strong as ever.

“I’m going to just keep on trying,” says Tyler.  “I’m not going to give up.”

For more information on the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN), including post-permanency services, call 1-800-585-7926.

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