MONTOURSVILLE, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — She’s a teenager with bright eyes and a heart of gold and she’s waiting for the right family to gallop into her life. Eyewitness News wants to introduce you to Onya in this week’s ‘A Little Love.’

When it comes to animals, 15-year-old Onya is all smiles.

“I have dogs and when I’m upset they’ll like, come over and sit on my lap or something to calm me down,” Onya explained.

She gets the same vibe from ‘Cody’ the horse at Elysian Fields Equestrian Center in Montoursville.

“They match my energy,” Onya added. “Walk on Cody,”

Not only does the eighth grader get to groom and ride the horse. But the interaction helps bring out her positive personality.

“Funny, nice, outgoing. A little too nice sometimes, but that’s a good thing, usually,” Onya continued.

Marian Kolcun (cole-sun), Diakon Case Worker and Child Recruiter, says Onya is sweet and very kind. But needs a moment to warm up to new people.

“You have to achieve that level of trust with her and then it’s like a flower blossoming. All that positivity and goodness comes out,” stated Marian Kolcun, Diakon Case Worker and Child Recruiter.

Onya likes to stay active with sports like basketball and soccer. She also enjoys school.

“She’s doing well in home, doing well in school, and recently got a job and she’s doing well at her job. So, how many good things can you say about one person,” asked Marian Kolcun.

Kolcun says Onya would do well in a home with routine and structure. She adapts very well to situations and all types of parents would suit her in a forever family. But most importantly…

“Just someone who understands me and doesn’t want to give up on me,” Onya added.

Even though Onya wants a loving home she’s always thinking of other people’s needs and looking out for all children, who are in a similar situation to her.

“I’m’ not the only kid out there. Just reach out to ones you are interested in, or whoever, and adopt a kid today.” Onya stated.

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