A Little Love: Meet Nicole

A Little Love

WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – In this month’s “A Little Love” we’re introducing you to a young woman whose creativity has no limits.

Nicole is an 18-year-old who can turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece.  Now she’s looking to create her next chapter in life with a forever family by her side.  

From paint to pastels, Nicole’s talent is undeniable.  It comes from a very personal place. 

“I was too judgmental of myself to give myself to other people,” says Nicole.  “So my art became my form of communication.”  

Nicole is a thoughtful and expressive teenager who keeps a busy schedule.  She’s a full-time student and also balances a job, but she always finds the time to express herself. 

She’s putting pencil to canvas at “The Art Party Place” in Wilkes-Barre.  From a very early age, Nicole used art to make connections with her peers.  

“They’d be like ‘oh that’s cool,'” says Nicole.  “That would start a conversation as soon as they knew I could draw.”  

One of her favorite things to do is customize clothing and express herself through fashion. 

“I just wear my art,” says Nicole.  “I don’t even have to have a canvas.”  

But the paint brush has also helped Nicole cope with situations in life that have been less than picture perfect.

“When it became for myself and for my sense of happiness — and not just to see other people happy — then it became more special and profound for me,” says Nicole.   

A loving family to call her own would add to that sense of happiness.  

“I can say, ‘yeah that’s my family to support me,'” says Nicole.  “I have that grounding base.  I can always fall back on my family.” 

The “artistic side” of Nicole proves she is dedicated, focused, and patient.  Those three traits have also defined her journey for a grand reveal she so desperately wants: a new home with a forever family. 

“I’m very appreciative,” says Nicole.  “It doesn’t matter where I am.  I’ll be like ‘thank you for even allowing me into your home.'” 

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A Little Love

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